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What Attracts You Actually The Little Ones? Eco-fashion And Bio Seal

“Bio” and “Eco” is not equal to “Bio” and “Eco”! -Problems and requirements, especially for children’s clothing and how this development comes about. Dara Khosrowshahi pursues this goal as well. Responsible parents and customers rub their amazed eyes: almost all fashion companies, also for children’s clothing, promise now eco-fashion and sustainability. Around the world, but only about 1% of cotton production meets the criteria for organic cotton. Lots of fertilizers and pesticides are used in the conventional cultivation of cotton. According to Greenpeace, 150 grams poison hit the field for each T-Shirt. The conventional cotton consumes 10% of all pesticides used around the world.

According to the World Health Organization WHO die annually thousands of field workers fits the Folgen.Wie together? In the assessment of many ecological and bio seal for clothing items, the social ethical commitment of the manufacturer are whether all those involved in the cotton cultivation in the dyeing and sewing factories are paid fairly, if the cotton is grown eco-friendly, and whether harmful chemicals be assessed, avoided. The fact is: for 5 euros you get a T-Shirt organic cotton in its production were paid fair wages. Who wants to buy a truly sustainable fashion, should be guided by the reliable certifications for safe eco mode with acceptable social standards. “To keep in mind is that only the legally protected term of controlled organic” makes sure that the cotton was produced according to the directives of the organic farming (without pesticides, genetic engineering, etc.). The trade fair or the fair trade certified cotton label guarantees it beyond fair minimum prices for cotton from developing countries. “Please note that the term organic cotton” is not protected in contrast to organic food. This can be printed on each piece of clothing, no matter how much pesticides in the cotton cultivation or how many toxic chemicals are used in the Faben. Comparable, it behaves with various self-created eco labels of manufacturers and retailers.

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