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Wall Street IPhone

Bank deposits at ATMs is convirtieron in obsolete technology thanks to a new and fascinating application that will allow users of Apple iPhone photograph both sides of a check, and then send the images via your iPhone to make the respective bank deposit. The new Deposit@Mobile debuts this week in San Antonio, Texas by the USAA (United Services Automobile Association), one of the financial services of privately owned more large American State and also insurance company, according to a report published in The New York Times. USAA has published a video about the new application on YouTube to show its capacity for innovation. USAA already launched an application for the iPhone in May that allows members to check their bank balances, transfer money, find nearby ATMs and make other types of questions with their iPhones. Mobile banking is expected to grow. But this new form of billing processes of deposit is It will add a new dimension to the existing services of the group. Verification of deposit process iPhone would not be the first time that USAA has offered its customers long ago. Mike Wirth spoke with conviction.

Already in February 2007, the Bank introduced a process in which customers could scan checks on their home computers and then transmit images to the back for your deposit. After using the new application for iPhone, customers will not have to send checks deposited in the Bank later, but one of the tips about digital repositories is much recommended to override or delete documents or store them in secure folders, according to the report by the New York Times. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Fairstead. Due to concerns about fraud and theft, only exclusive customers will be able to obtain credit or insurance with USAA accounts are entitled to use the new service. This type of application will be available in the future for other brands and models of smart phones? These possibilities will come in the future and they promise to return bank deposits, according to messages on the blog of the Bank, but details are not yet available. However, it can be very innovative, but I’m still a little worried about the possibility of fraud to allow people to deposit their checks electronically… You’ve seen the movie Catch Me If You Can, a true story about the check fraud.

What happens in this film can be very real. Of course, USAA officials and those of all the banks think now do not why you think that? have thought very carefully about the topic in much security, and as possible to avoid any type of fraudulent activity. Because what we need are profitable bank deposits and not a banking strategy that allows fouling a financial system of the country in which we find ourselves. We have enough problems fixing of Wall Street, banks, and our economy after the recent financial crisis. This technology is committed to trying to help us, at least that’s the hope. The hope that this new iPhone application will not become something that we regret later.

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