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Volvo World Match Play

For being an agonies departed Miguel Angel Jimenez eliminated of the Volvo World Match Play in Casares (Malaga), so close in your home. Golf is a sport mostly mental, and knows what a player full of scars like him, proud 47 years have shared the poster with three generations: Seve’s, the Tiger and the twenties now, type McIlroy, by putting them face to each group. But nor any experience is sometimes used to avoid the anxiety, the rush to win, and more in front of his people, and to maintain that speck of calm that requires the game. It happened in the pit 16 of his match this morning against the Swede Johan Edfords. Jimenez, filled confidence after battered the day before Schwartzel, oteo the flag and was brave for her. Too aggressive. He spent, lost the hole and disconnected until losing the duel by two and one (two holes of disadvantage with one to play).

The chain has come to me. I’ve been able to win the 15th and I then lost the match at 16 for being an agonies, He has admitted the pisha. Why I’ve gone by flag? I’m older to find out. The grandfather, the oldest tournament failed as a child. Source of the news:: the grandfather, as a child

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