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Time Goes Taking

Today I passed for a in such a way marcante experience one. I passed the afternoon in a unit of ready hospital public attendance, when I was called to help one technician in radiology to help it to remove it one lady of the stretcher, to place it na radiological table. One lady with its ninety years, it was weak, with difficulty of speaks, very nervous and lacked air to it. That one made me to lady to stop to reflect how much we are fragile, as the time affects our vanities, we start decomposing in them in parts before exactly of our vanities to dive in the deepenings of the death. The idea for each one of us is imminent. It is our future and of certain form perhaps our gift. To each year that if passes, you get more age, lose the brightness of the eyes, gain more fragility in the skin, get more wisdom, more experiences It is incredible as the people satirizam the aged ones and mock of its auditory, visual deficiencies, locomotion, deal with as much frieza and mediocrity to them that makes they to be felt rejected, useless. That when we are understandable gentile she stops with them, they are touched themselves and want to use to advantage to the maximum its company! Because they mock of them, if all we tread inevitable way the same? Its aged relatives do not leave astray, to cry its lose when it will be in the tomb. It all gives its affection, respect and attention today, and until its last instants, therefore thus, you will have made everything before the death taking it. Because later you are welcome he advances if to lean over to the prantos on the tomb.

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