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The Winter Goes, The Mold Comes

DEKRA advises: now for signs of infestation 8th Berlin/Potsdam – mold alert after a long winter: at the end of the heating season to discover many people mold in their homes. Jeffrey Leiden usually is spot on. DEKRA in the capital region advises: immediately rehabilitate! During the long heating season, has formed in many residential mold, warn experts by DEKRA in the capital region. Owners and tenants therefore increasingly on signs of infestation should look at the spring cleaning. In areas with inadequate insulation or insufficient heating the wall inside surface can reach only low surface temperatures. “An insufficient ventilation in addition in addition, condensation from warm but moist room air to the inner surface of the wall is reflected, particularly in the corners. That is the breeding ground for spores”, warns Detlef Bohme, building damage appraiser at DEKRA industrial in Berlin.

“In a quarter of cases building damage such as cracks in the facade or defective roofs are the reason for damp walls and thus also for mold.” The infestation is discovered, only one thing can help: quickly clean up! “The spores in the apartment are harmful to health, can trigger allergies and respiratory diseases, especially in children,” warns Dr. Erik Konitzer, environmental verifiers at DEKRA industrial. Therefore, one should can be repaired be sure facades, leaking roofs and gutters or properly insulate exterior walls. Who would like to make the warm season, should strive for already professional help. Contact person: Tilman Vogele Han (07 11) 78 61 – 21 22 (07 11) 78 61 – 27 00 DEKRA e.V. Press & information DEKRA is one of the world’s leading expert organizations. The company is now in 29 countries of Western and Eastern Europe as well as in the United States, in Brazil, North America and South Africa, Japan and China present. More than 21,000 employees in 180 subsidiaries and investments ensure sustainable safety, quality and environmental protection. The service areas “automotive services”, “industrial Services”and”Personnel Services”are available for qualified and innovative services around issues such as vehicle testing, opinion, international claims, consulting, industrial – testing services, product tests, certifications, environmental protection, qualification, temporary work out – and new placement. DEKRA is represented with offices in Berlin-Hohenschonhausen, Berlin-Tempelhof, Berlin-Reinickendorf, Oranienburg and Potsdam as well as numerous vehicle test centres, stations and offices in the capital region. Contact: DEKRA capital region Carsten bang Kurt-Schumacher-Damm 28 13405 Berlin + 49 30 9860982100 press contact: Butterfly Communications Detlef Untermann Drake 46 A 12205 Berlin + 49 30 84312127

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