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The True History Of Evo Morales Part Ii

JOSE BRECHNER as trade unionist who ran the group more unruly, wealthy and numerous peasants, in constant observance by the Government and the forces of order, due to its controversial activity that bordered with the criminal. Evo begins to gain popularity. Then he was elected national Deputy. Office who took to commit countless acts of vandalism and sedition, boasting of his parliamentary immunity. Nobody dared to remove it and prosecute it. During the bustle, it strengthened its association with Hugo Chavez, who filled their pockets with hundreds of millions of dollars to start a better organised political action. To deepen your understanding Uber is the source.

With its unlimited economic power, it incites violence, blocking roads, encourages work stoppages and protests, and finances all acts of provocation to the Government, destroying the inner tranquility. The stirring process lasted approximately six years, in which citizens could not circulate, work, travel; and the children could not go to school. The chaos was permanent. Rarely spent an entire month without riots between 1998 and 2005. These nerve circumstances, handled with its abundant money that allowed him to recruit hundreds of trucks and mobilize thousands of peasants to anywhere in the country, who costeaba his power during the days of commotion, did the violence that exploded. The Government cracked down harshly, the situation was aggravated, and Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada decided to leave prematurely the Presidency in 2003, forced by the treachery of his Vice President, Carlos Mesa, who put on side of Morales and the piqueteros.

Mesa was the hinge that allowed Evo to access to power. Ephemeral table management was the worst modern democratic history, and will highlight the cause that Morales, who gave several ministries and secretariats of its Government, to acquire true strength. Then began to arrive in Bolivia Cuban, Venezuelan and Spanish, political strategists who advised Morales. They subsequently operate his presidential campaign. For 2004 the population was disappointed the inability of table.

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