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The Peddle Patent In Old Austria

“” The old trade representative scheme of Schicht jurisdiction as peddlers “itinerant merchants were known at this time, the their peddling” conducted mostly at the front door or over the garden fence. Such trading activities today called peddle shops. This dragging around with a commercial product had a great importance in the 19th century, brought it to the consumers who lived away often far from trading places but goods. The peddle, its definition and approval requirements the traditional Austrian law had established an own norm for the peddling, the so-called Hausierpatent. The trade in goods was understood as peddling in the roving from place to place and from House to house without certain sales outlet. To practice the peddling, you needed a special approval by the authorities. This permit to operate of a Hausierhandels could only Austrian subjects, so in today’s parlance, citizens, the the thirtieth Years of age had reached, be granted. You were allowed to also have also no striking contagious illness or other infirmity, not Schleichhandels be convicted, morally secularization and impeccable political attitude and in the Vollgenuss of civil rights.

The granting for the peddle. The approval for the peddling granted the district administrative authority. It has been granted by issuing a special peddle pass or Hausierbuchels. This permission was granted only on one year. It could be sought but extension, if any reason for the continuing awards were opposed. He had to do his document with you.

In each place the peddle trader entered, he had to let his peddle passport or his Hausierbuchel through the respective political or police authority vidieren, before he started his business. Restrictions and prohibitions for the peddling of peddling in individual cities and towns is generally forbidden, then it was one regardless of ownership Peddling approval in this place are not exercised by the peddle dealer. In border counties, the peddling was granted only the local inhabitants and had also the approval by the financial authorities of the requirement. “The goods of Hausierhandels were domestic origin and with a reference card” be provided. Were, which were excluded from the peddling material and company, liquids to drink, distilled oils, sugar, chocolate, gingerbread, SALVES and plasters, medicines for human and animal, toxins, mercury, pop preparations, mineral acids, fruit trees, fruit bushes and vines were expressly prohibited goods for the peddling. Moreover, precious stones, gold and silver; Church vessels, military outfit pieces and weapons, lottery tickets, items of the State monopoly such as tobacco or salt, bedsprings, books, playing cards, calendar pictures, busts and statues. Limited quantities of goods the peddle with quantities of goods, to which Fortschaffung a bespannter Dare, a beast of burden or a motor vehicle was needed, was expressly prohibited. Peddlers who had always perfectly run their businesses and were now frail, could use an Assistant to continue exerting the peddling. Special permits for counties for the districts of Waidhofen an der Thaya and of the Puster Valley in Tyrol had exemptions with regard to the age and the product groups. There, persons who had reached the age of twenty could sell from our own production in the peddling twisted yarns, ribbons and wood watches (Waidhofen Thaya and Karlstein) and rugs (Pustertal Valley). Penalties for infringement of the peddle patent in addition to the penalties after the trade regulations or breach also the deterioration of the goods could be pronounced against tax and tax rules for the peddle patent infringement. Not to be confused is the peddle of vagrancy or even the drifting, which was punishable by law.

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