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The Own Home Pharmacy

Almost every 2 German has a medicine cabinet according to statistics the most in your own four walls, so the home accidents. Small negligence may have painful consequences. But how to respond in case of a fall right, and what means should you at any time have at home, to ensure quick remedies for injuries or bites? When should you indeed to the doctor, and in which cases can be avoided this gang? Get valuable tips for your home pharmacy, learn the correct composition of a first-aid kit and learn how, with what first aid measures “you quickly and consistently act. Also, you get important information about what opportunities there, are, for example, in the treatment of lacerations, burns and insect bites. In addition, the Advisor with many other useful assistance to the immediate care for injuries and accidents is provided. With this compact background knowledge, you can with an accident, an injury or a Insect bite act properly and avoid greater damage. Keep one thereby always in focus: an injury means no matter who and no matter how big, always a bit of a shock. To act from this shock situation requires much discipline, because you have to keep a clear head.

Stay calm, follow our tips and measures and proceed step by step. What do you have at home in bandages and disinfectant? The well-stocked medicine cabinet prepared for each case the apothecary can be the rescue when a violation or an emergency occurring. However, it is important that it contains the correct utensils, in order really correctly can be traded, and not yet a greater harm. For all included products and articles are always ready for use, the pharmacy should be checked regularly. May be available only in small numbers or already expired products? Here the expired product should then be sorted out and replaced, and the missing article be increased.

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