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The Competition

Rules of engagement Elite hunters even in such a ruthless business must adhere certain ethical rules, the violation of which can greatly affect their reputation. The main thing, as already mentioned, the strictest secrecy operations. Filed under: KBS. Second, you can not "hunt" in the sanctuaries, ie specialists from business customers, even those with whom the contract has already been closed. Third. Headhunters do not "PR" and impose their "goods". To the customer for their considerable money and then not disappointed in the results and the specialist, respectively, at the agency, headhunter should represent only the most objective and reliable information about candidates.

Of course, few managers will be pleased with the departure of a valued employee. Quickly find a replacement very difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. Therefore, many companies are leaving in the dead of protection to prevent brain drain. Suppressed all possible contacts with suspicious voices and personalities, potential recruiters. But often, these slaveholders-managers forget that the employee belongs to them only 8-10 hours a day 5-6 days a week. At other times it is free of contact, as distinct from other employers, and with headhunter.

We can only advise employers to minimize and prevent possible loss of key men of business: – pay more attention to key employees, raise their salaries on time, provide flexible work hours; – Protect your secrets, restrict access to confidential information and share it among employees – to conduct "exit" interviews with departing, ask – why employees leave to you – just ask the best people that they want their concerns than they are unhappy … So far there is precious footage, which invested money and time, and will be of interest to them from the competition. In the mutual desire to keep them not can not work contracts, or "black lists" nor agreements between enterprises of the "neperemanivanii." To persuade a valued employee to stay you can probably only one way – from making the employee's co-owner by providing managers with options to purchase shares or rights to participate in company profits. After all, the owner of the business – as captain – was leaving the company last. A note for your staff from competitors and recruiters should be taken with one hand as a compliment, but on the other hand, as a signal to change the system of incentives and compensation.

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