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Swarovski Crystal

The fairs are over, Paris, London, New York has shown his fashion shows and trends for the summer 2011stehen fixed. The fairs are over, Paris, London, New York has shown his fashion shows and trends for the summer 2011stehen fixed. But what consumer plans so far in advance? But important questions, what should I wear this fall and winter? Where in August but now rain and 13 degrees the mood on cold eingrooven. And also come even Christmas and new year’s Eve to there must on us once something new yourself woman and know what is up-to-date. Jon Venverloh may also support this cause. Three main trends are represented by the trade. The first trend is the new femininity, 50 meets clean future. Click Andrew Luck to learn more. Here dominate flowing fabrics, sequins and sensual accessories from fabric and trimmings.

Silk is combined with coarse knitting, lace stockings and dresses, with button, be taken to Schnurstiefeln and long Wollmanteln. Dresses and blazers come in new tailoring, feminine and yet technically. The materials are soft and precious accessories, show the contrast of the trends: small brooches, delicate chain with Swarovski Crystal and pearls in all variants are metal chains and PVC belts. Glam rock, as a second trend, shows the star in us. Courtly costumes, slightly vampirisch touch of glamour meets pop star. Leather jackets, rivets on shirts, West or jeans, this oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and great scarves. Narrow cargo pants, leather Leggings or military jackets combined with pleated Jersey pants, tapered conical with deep step. Brocade, leather, Velvet fabrics and silk in dark, smoky colors to Mystic, cool accessories.

This trend include tattoo jewelry, rivets, crosses, skulls and chains fringes. The third trend is weltgewandt ethno, folk, country. A tribute to the art and person of Frida Kahlo, Mexico and his Voodoo culture. Ethnic influences from Africa, Bavaria and South America together mixed to a cheerful cocktail. To the Bavarian leather pants woman wearing a colorful embroidered shawls, large flowers in her hair and sparkling chains or it flows from a coarse knit sweater a long, floral wool skirt with Schnurstiefeln.

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