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Suspended Ceiling

People of the 21st century preference for tension ceilings. Species diversity, color palette and design fantasies ceilings make the perfect decoration and modern look of the room. The advantages of such ceilings in that they can be absolutely any shape, depending on the size and angles of the room. Stretch ceiling is capable of a few hours to transform your room. The ceilings are made of PVC (polyester fabric or PVC film). It has high strength and elasticity. There is a division of stretch ceilings: Seamless (tissue) and tension (welded PVC). Which material to choose – depending on the basics.

Initially, the ceiling or wall at a certain height is set plastic or aluminum profile (this is the foundation of a stretch ceiling). Then attached itself canvas. Two methods are known installation of stretch ceilings – is wedge and the harpoon. The V-way is that the cloth is taken larger than the ceiling and stretched with special wedges. After heat treatment the excess trimmed.

In the same way stretch harpoon ceiling on the contrary – originally with hard-edge painting is taken smaller than the ceiling, and then using a heat gun is stretched to the required size. We present you some useful tips for installing and choosing the ceiling: – Set correct ceilings to pasting wallpaper – Pre-selected your color ceiling. Light colors – visually reduce the room, but make it more comfortable and helps relieve tension. Ceilings dark colors enhance the room make the room above, free. – Take special care to the selection of chandeliers. The main thing – it's presence on it of reflectors between lamp and housing. Without high-quality reflectors chandelier can be heated to high temperatures and damage the ceiling material; Listen to these uncomplicated advice, and we hope that you will find the ceiling of your dreams. Buy Stretch ceilings you can in the company Artsalon.

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