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Supreme Federal Court

They do not lack examples of grotescos errors that had destroyed public reputations and lives. Although not so without limits, as they believed the theoreticians of the hipodrmica theory, the power of the media, assisted for the new technologies, still is immense and alienator. The technological advance brought great benefits, but the curses happen in equal amount. The journalistic ethics all day rejected and are mutilated by the anxiety to divulge notice and to obtain hearing and exclusiveness. The limits between private public and are exceeded almost that daily, and it does not have a consensus how much to these. Occult cameras and microphones are used without no criterion, wounding the other people’s privacy in favor of ' ' freedom of expresso' ' to transmit what it is of public interest.

The journalism, to each day more, loses the respect, the prestige and the pride, so valued by Pulitzer, vendendo itself in exchange for profit. It is important to rescue the ideals that Pulitzer defended. She is necessary that the new professionals have in minds the values of the profession, so that they can change this so depressing scene. E, although this difficult situation for the journalism, degraded for its proper and specialized professional ones, the Supreme Federal Court was decided for the abolition of the diploma for performance in the area. Pulitzer, more than a century behind, already wise person the important and impactante quo was its profession, and proclaimed the necessity of a minimum of qualification for that in it they were to work. Penalty that the judges of the Superior federal Court have not read this book, before abolishing the necessity of the diploma. Perhaps thus they did not take a decision that allows that people without knowledge in the journalistic area, of professional ethics, can act as journalists and contribute for the degradation of a profession with so noble intentions.

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