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Sundgauvian Street

For the past year the Franconian capital investment specialist has demonstrated once again its stable performance as a developer of quality real estate PROJECT investment. Bamberg, 30.09.2013: The object accounts reached the planned returns. After the collapse of Lehmann and this incipient global financial and economic crisis was a difficult year with further declining placement numbers four years 2012 for the sector of alternative investment funds. At the same time, the AIFM regulation cast their shadows ahead and also paralyzed the industry in the face of unforeseen requirements. The booming real estate market in Germany but last year offered more growth opportunities in particular for initiators of real estate investments. This increased the scarce supply of demand growing competition in high-quality residential real estate. Provider of project development fund with its own new construction and renovation activities were well positioned in the competition against initiators by stock and real estate funds. Balance confirmed the PROJECT Security concept could further expand the PROJECT group its position as the leading German real estate developer for retail funds in this environment.

The current account to the 1.1.2013 was tested according to IDW-standard and certified and published late September. In the year 2012, PROJECT IRR returns scored in the five successfully executed projects were successfully between 8.4 percent and 20.8 percent per year. These are three Berlin residential real estate, as well as two objects in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg/Furth, which were fully sold and completed in the year under review: in the Treskowstrasse, Berlin-Tegel, Crooked Road, Berlin-Charlottenburg, Lenbachstrasse, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Kutzerstrasse, Furth and the Eichendorffstrasse erlenstegen Nuremberg. All funds of the real values series achieved the scheduled, distributions were waiting. 2012 The new investments in the year under review include six high-quality objects in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt/Wiesbaden: Sundgauvian Street, Berlin-Zehlendorf.

Brandenburgische Strasse, Berlin-Steglitz, Raj road, Berlin-Mitte, Diestelstrasse, Hamburg, Brabandstrasse, Hamburg and in the Juisterstrasse, Wiesbaden. The sales volume of new investment amounts to EUR 130 million. In April 2012, PROJECT successfully launched the sales of his two project development fund real values 11 and 12. Both offers of participation could acquire equity capital until today over 73 million euros. His investors capital invested the real values 12 one time investment funds so far in 14 high-quality residential real estate objects, the savings fund real values 11 in 12 projects. As we offer also real estate investments in the institutional sphere recently, our exclusive Asset Manager, the PROJECT real estate group, has expanded the pipeline of objects within the last year. The current volume of objects in testing around 2.8 billion euros. Together with the newly founded capital management company PROJECT investment Ltd we carry so that further expansion of the PROJECT group invoice and prepare ourselves actively on a successful time as regulated provider AIFM-before, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner of the PROJECT investment. For more information,

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