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SPS Measured

1. Devices intended for use in dry heated premises and do not experience tremors and shocks when moving from one place to another. 2. It is not something Michael Schwartz would like to discuss. Devices intended for use in closed and heated rooms, but experiencing tremors and shocks when moving from one job to another. 3. Devices intended for use in enclosed unheated space and which can be subjected when moving from one job to another non-operational frequent bumps and knocks.

4. Devices designed to operate in the open air or under light shelters, if required by the adverse weather conditions, exposed to frequent movement and transport of non-operating shock and tremors. 5. Devices designed to work outdoors in adverse weather conditions without additional shelters and are subject to frequent movement and transport of knocks and bumps in the idle state. In the frequency range of the measured signals are divided into RIP-frequency and high frequency. According to the principle of the sps are divided into analog and digital. In the analog meter readings are continuous function of the measured value. Digital instrument automatically generates discrete signals measuring information, his testimony be submitted in digital form.

According to the method of measurement, which provides the base of the device, rip may be a direct assessment and comparison. irp provides a direct estimate of one or more signal conversion measurement data in one direction, ie, without feedback. For example, the voltmeter. The measuring device is designed to compare the direct comparison of the measured value with a variable whose value is known.

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