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Speech Creator

In accordance with the author (1983), the citizen is determined by two esquecimentos: in the first esquecimento, the citizen has the illusion of being the unconditional creator of its speech, destroying everything that it sends to the exterior of its discursiva formation; in as, it nourishes the illusion of that everything what it says has only one felt to be decoded by its interlocutor. It is forgotten, therefore, of that the speech is determined by the said retaken one of already, having subject to the illusion of that it knows and it dominates everything what it also says Speech would be practical the social one of production of texts. Thus, all speech would be a iderio social, it could not be individual and it would have to be analyzed from its description-social context, its condition of production. Being the context the description-social condition of a text, that accumulates of stocks the institutions and other texts that come to sprout from that one, and that with it if they relate, we could say that the context would be the garrison of a text. Being the speech way of partner-historical existence of the language, so that if it finds regularity of its functioning, all speech must be sent to the discursiva formation the one that is part. Discursivas formations are units that the statements form. Enunciated it is the repeatable materiality, the elementary unit of the speech (FOUCAULT, 1969).

The text is the verbal hint of the speech. In the case of Rilke and Kappus, such hint the Franz would be the addressed letters for Rilke as answers, at that time, that century (moment partner-description) where lived. Dividing, still, the condition to be both poets. This to slide of the look to far in the time certainly will not bring comprometimento to the focus of our quarrel. We have then, author, citizen with defined social and historical identity, and from there, it would be said to be possible to point out the speech.

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