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Snack Export

Therefore, the “Snack Export, develops and operates in two directions. First there is a company that produces high quality snacks and creates a brand and a company which itself is the same quality of these snacks and sells: tm “Flint”, tm “Macho” tm ” , tm Ocean – all these brands are leaders in their snack segments. Once again I want to emphasize that the distribution Snack Export is not just Numeric, she primarily qualitative, and we pay attention not just on the fact that our presence in retail outlets, but on the way there are our snacks. Details can be found by clicking Roubini Global Economics or emailing the administrator. This, I think we are like the best Western companies on the market of Ukraine (not too much, but they have one). In contrast to the general situation on the Ukrainian market, our distributor, the part of the company, which is responsible for distribution, is constantly working on increasing its income. This is due to the fact that we do not stop those brands that we have, we develop new brands (not just snacks segment), and, moreover, to involve in cooperation with us as distributors, food (quite good brands), which we do not produce. If last year the company worked on Snack Export distribution only with their own brands, but now the strategy has changed: recruited new brand team by bringing additional products. The main criteria for additional products for the company Snack Export are: 1) reverse seasonality (snacks – is product, which has seasonality is expressed in the summer, therefore, we are interested in merchandise sales peak of which falls in the winter, such as tea, coffee and pastries), and 2) the goods must be close to snack on logistics (in the same car to haul snacks and mineral water, with all our interest in this product, yet it is not possible – different conditions of transportation, shipping and handling of water and snacks), and 3) a product which we engage, will be of interest to us turnover, and most importantly – the brand should be interesting for us to move..

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