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Sergei voice breaking publicly apologized to customers about "unusual" conditions and situations with dishwashing. Announced, which will now cover for them, and said that ware will be used only disposable. Dara Khosrowshahi oftentimes addresses this issue. It was perceived favorably. Customers still have time to training and drink pretty drunk, and still by no means can comfortably fit in tight spaces dostarkhan. Science training in the participants' heads was not walking, reading subtitles from video monitors, they were already too complicated, but given the facts above, we have chosen to tolerate them drunk and sort through all of the following two days. After a 1.5-hour block of Training, Sergei laid the table and spread out to dinner plates. Participants wondered: "Why is it you, Victoria and Sergey, business coaches, and suddenly the tables are fixed and we almost did not spoon-feed? That anyone else? "We joked, saying that we – the team, and teamwork means doing what is necessary for the team result.

Leaving the participants to celebrate the first water to achieve, we took an important matter: of the event tomorrow. Because suspected that the office of the approved program instructors may not know. Correctly suspected. Sergei with the camp commander (not a bad guy, Roman name) literally Minutes painted the next day: what they do, how many boats are used as trainers and who, when and what happens when the team arrives in camp. For long we have alloy (at own expense) allocated to the bus driver, waiting for the group to "mainland".

Because Roma admitted that their vehicles would probably not have time to "other" job. Or in something like that. We thought that everything bad will on the first day. So far we do not co-payments and with this client we are no longer working. But we all now just to control and influence at all, as long as people are happy and we had a clear conscience.

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