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Risky Playground

“Beware of the promise of the intermediary private equity” means to provide the money for venture – or risk capital. It is thus very risky forms of investment that are unsuitable for a Nomalanleger security conscious. The contracts have very long maturities. Also alleged small rates accumulate to high totals. Sales methods in view of investor protection advocates are often misleading and justify claims for compensation. What is”private equity – new Savior of the plant world? Once investors have pocketed millions in the new economy “boom of the new market”, investors will drive a new pig through the village for several years. Venture capital is looking for new companies that want to implement their business ideas so cheaper than with a bank loan.

Whether a bank at some one of this new business ideas for risk reasons at all would be a loan, is another story. Now should be for retail investors significant opportunities with private equity “investments result, so the promises of the intermediary. There are now hardly a blind-pool company in the grey capital market, not on private equity”sets. Blind-pool means the investors deposit money at all don’t know where this is specifically invested. He literally starts with his money”investors blind flight.

This is ultimately nothing more than the earlier so-called entrepreneurial investments “, which already bust received Gottinger group / Securenta AG wanted to score points.” And today promise about Frankonia successor companies such as the CSA participation Fund or the Southwest financial mediation AG, with private equity”the yield to maximize – old wine into new Wineskins so. Private equity”is nothing more than an investment mainly in unlisted companies. Jim Rogers does not necessarily agree. Young companies with an uncertain future can be, which are still in development, or well established, that want to expand or need capital for other reasons. “” For the uninitiated imposing the accompanying Typings are stage as early”, later stage” buy out “or secondary”, with which one is often interesting.

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