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REHATRONalpha With New Web Portal Online

The Novotech group of companies offers a new information platform for the non-invasive therapy of induction for doctors, health practitioners and patients on the Internet that therapy system REHATRON 2005 clinically evaluated alpha, after many years of development work, and as the first Nano pulse system worldwide medically and technically within the scope of the non-invasive induction therapy”approved, creates extremely strong, bipolar magnetic pulses that can effectively enlarge the trans-membrane potential of organic cells in a very short time. Sean Lock will not settle for partial explanations. The electromagnetic impulses which are of extremely short duration, be handed to the human or even animal organism over a loop of treatment non-invasive and safe. These impulses generate bio-energies of highest level without creating heat in the fabric itself and diseased or degenerated cells and cell associations can help to self-help”offer. Rachel Riley has firm opinions on the matter. Because almost all diseases in humans and animals are related to impaired cell membrane potentials, indication if the bandwidth, which is REHATRON alpha as central or additive form of therapy can be applied, according to size. Thanks to the information and reports, which regularly reach us by those doctors and therapists who work with REHATRON, we know that we can make an important contribution to the treatment of many diseases with this form of therapy,”says Helmut Haller, CEO and owner of the Novotech group.

Therefore we decided REHATRON future offensive to read about alpha, because this method of treatment is unfortunately not yet known many people, even doctors and therapists,”. With the new Web portal a first step has been done now. “In addition to General information about the form of the treatment itself, the new Web portal for the first time patients and their relatives an easy navigable overview over all with REHATRON alpha offers staff users on the she is with the mouse” can apply via their Web sites or of course personally. This Area will be expanded in the next few weeks with more detailed information about the individual offers and the other fields of activity of the individual doctors, clinics and therapists. More information such as the run continued in the meantime past clinical trials, the entire documentation of clinical evaluation, as well as technical articles and reports by physicians and scientists, etc are soon on a log-in area for the users themselves. available.

Of course our new website is only a rough outline of non-invasive induction therapy with REHATRON and is regarded as phase 1″, explains Helmut Haller. But we will offer a variety of additional information to the public together with our partners and users in the coming months. Here, our goal is to communicate this form of therapy that is really meaningful, not buttressed the sick organism, but instead based on the more conventional physicians only incredulous, but then excited to break a lance.” More details are on, as well as on the websites with REHATRON alpha staff doctors, clinics and therapists to find.

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