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Pyramid One

Sounds like even a little true and it is tempting but after the first transfer, you will see that you proposed foreign currency exchange ordinary Russian linden tree, which did not return to you again and you lost your money. 3.6 purses. Again the same message in many forums about what you need to transfer an amount of 6 purses and then delete the sixth, but instead of the first to add your wallet and send this message to as many as possible forums well in the first place you think that those six purses from different people really disappoint them all from one person, and indeed ridiculous what you pay, and replace only one purse at her because you can just download the page and replace all the purses on their own and then advertise, and your followers will do the same thing, and really quite funny when they write these messages that they are under the control of the moderators or WebMoney Yandex Money. Circus free yes and only. In general, the regular form of the pyramid, as well as a pancake convincingly written. 4.Nu and an entirely new and youthful way to cool investment funds yielding from 1-30% on the day of the deposit amount differ only in that someone gives a very high percentage there Your money is simply just disappear, and who is the type of 2-3% per day they will be the new MMM (Mavrodi hope you remember), you will show how to grow your money to send reports, etc.

Here are just then had a little crash or virus attack, or even that a fund will disappear from the force majeure and of course with your money. About Pyramid I did not mention because there is all clear. Read more from Roubini Global Economics to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In general, the only way not to fall for the bait is a scam stop believing in fairy tales about the fast and easy big money, well, there is no way, and one more check before use or buy, make sure at least things like the TIC and the PR site, they at least should differ from zero, the site should be located on the 2nd level domain, have no one and not two pages, open the statistics, etc.

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