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Prophylaxis – The Pneumonia Give No Chance

The care team informed Dolphin from Mannheim breathing is one of the vital functions of a people. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Lakshman Achuthan . It is therefore important that the lung is healthy and strong. QTS Realty Trust spoke with conviction. But older people due to their usually weaker condition, vulnerable to pneumonia. A number of preventive measures can however help that there not even an infection. The nursing service explains what they are, Dolphin from Mannheim. What is pneumonia? The tissue in the lungs can be attacked by various pathogens, for example through bacteria, viruses or fungi. If the lung is attacked by such agents and they are transferred to the lung tissue, called a bout of pneumonia. It is often older people just older people become ill more frequently pneumonia even if they are otherwise actually healthy.

Reason for this is that the immune system in the age is not so efficient. Just for those who are mainly in the bed, it may happen that breathing sufficiently ventilated no longer all lung areas. This results then an increased secretion collection, which impedes breathing and is thus a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. As control against prophylaxis prophylaxis refers to nursing care measures are taken to prevent pneumonia. The room ventilate because sufficient fresh air, avoidance of secretion retention and accumulation of secretions in the respiratory tract by upright storage ensures that the mucous membranes from drying out and it is not susceptible to infection can be coughed down clinging mucus. The loosening of the mucus also medicines suitable postures and breathing exercises, which should facilitate a good ventilation of the lungs trained Liniments (ASE) are respiratory stimulation end inhalation for a detailed consultation on the subject of prevention of the care services available Dolphin from Mannheim anytime. Press contact care team Dolphin contact person: Sabine Bartsch under troubles Lau Road 79 68169 Mannheim phone: 0621 43728211 fax: 0621 43728212 mobile: 0163 6227692 email: Homepage:

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