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BUSINESS GIFTS, CORPORATE GIFTS with your logo. This is a very successful, proven way to increase your company’s revenue, with all the money attached to this VERY quickly return with greater profit. You can order Passport cover of leather, with the application of your logo, address, phone numbers and websites that you can donate or sell to your clients (or sell to all comers, and wanting very much to do if Exclusive of pretty pictures), and this is an excellent advertisement will be your kompanii.Pokupateli years to wear these covers and completely free to advertise your company, wherever they may be nahoditsya.Takzhe manufacture of products for gift boxes made of cardboard with a drawing on them for your logo. In addition to artwork can be made money clips are also very popular tovar.Oblozhki passport leather wholesale and roznitsu.Eti cover on passport made only from top quality leather. Here you can buy a cover for a passport from a different texture of the skin. It is also able to offer you cover on your passport from patent leather, the cover of the passport of the skin under crocodile skin on the passport of normal skin of different colors, skins, leather passport to bright colors-red, green, yellow, blue, blue, white.

And so the same cover of the passport-color gold, silver, bronze, metallic blue, chameleon (skin changes color.) We can produce artwork for a passport of different models and colors. Covers for a passport with compartments for credit cards and SIM cards, passport cover with the office under the bill, covers the passport office for a driver’s documents. Covers the passport with the application of your logo (including the gift boxes with your logo). Covers for a passport for your individual design. If you order a cover for a passport from a Number of 3000sht and more, we can make for you skin the color of your choice. Covers a large wholesale passport 20000shtuk 10,000 and increased amounts, dates of manufacture, bystrye.Tak the same cover on the passport of exotic species skin (python, crocodile, ostrich skin of fish). Covers for a passport with ornaments of gold and silver.

Covers on pasprt leather plus cork tree. All of the mentioned concerns so as to cover on avtodokumenty. Quality of products excellent. Timing is very bystrye.My produce huge amount of leather stationery products (skin on avtodokumenty, passport and other, wallets, belt clip for money (notes), key rings, business card holders, wallets for credit cards, cosmetic bags, briefcases, laptop bags, handy, briefcases, bags, diaries, logs, notebooks, organizers, production on your design and your logotipom.Dlya us nothing is impossible. Call and order, send an e-mail-all do! Color and skin type for your products you can choose the category sami.Otdelnaya-cover for a passport from a large plastic bulk. Contact the manufacturer, not the advertising agencies that buy from us and sell you more expensive. – Best regards, Vyacheslav. Ltd. ‘SUCCESS’ – making leather goods with your logo.

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