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PORTICA Improved The Returns Processing

PORTICA GmbH opts for marketing support now in the processing of returns digitization and electronic document processing (Kempen) marketing support PORTICA GmbH is now in the processing of returns on digitization and electronic document processing. Thus, E-commerce clients can increase their performance and better meet the complex challenges associated with the shipment and distance selling. E-Commerce customers expect among other things good prices and an easy handling of the return. Companies are obliged to accept returns, and since they cannot avoid this, cost to complete. Returns should be booked as soon as possible the available stock and credited to customer accounts, so that customer requests are minimized. PORTICA as experienced service provider helping companies from the fields of stationary trade, shipping and mail order brands. The Kale fulfillment process specialist has analyzed the returns process and in many places optimized to clients a more cost-effective Settlement offer.

At the beginning of the improved processing chain is as qualified personnel, that accepts the return, unpacks and checks the shipments. Employees check the details on the enclosed return slip, on which the customer has marked the returned items and may be encoded return reasons why. The PORTICA employees also visually mark the returned positions in a defined area. The documents are provided with bar codes. They are grouped in jobs and scanned, the original documents are filed. The scan process be the digitization of documents and reading out the data via OCR.

The document – and data acquisition specialist of mhi GmbH provides the recognition software. A process allocates the return of delivery and automatically selects all returned items including the return reasons. The information read from the documents transmitted via XML data stream for further processing. A staff sifts through the operations job wise. These are the results of the processing and he digitized document in an application presented side by side. The staff checks the machine specifications, makes necessary corrections or additions and confirmed the operation. Exchange requests, has noted the customer in defined areas are automatically detected. The documents arrive electronically to the manual entry of the Exchange. “The whole process is embedded in the PORTICA – ERP system, so that clients from numerous services in the context of E-Commerce for rent” benefit. As a full service provider assumes, for example, the accounts receivable tasks PORTICA credits amounts to client accounts to returns processing and transfer them if necessary. Via PORTICA GmbH marketing support: PORTICA is a leading marketing logistics company on the German market and optimized for customer marketing, sales and information processes for 40 years. The company serves customers from diverse industries and wrapped in E-Commerce, advertising material logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing

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