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Philosophical Conception

In an attempt to demonstrate that the world where we live is one part all, and that, inobstante the ways where we pass through in them we direct to one same point, the film the end and the Principle, deprives for the search of the singular, the demonstration of that to filosofar is intrinsic activity to if the human one. Everything that is fact, in way singelo, almost artisan, for a director who goes to the meeting of an agricultural community, place where the people count life histories, at last, filosofam. One observes of the workmanship dialogues with farmers, aged, representative of all the too much lost sedentary farmers for these rinces of Brazil. In the film, we see aged that they fabulam regarding the life, detainers of a wisdom acquired and maturada with the time. They are mainly peasants who, in its majority, do not possess a written culture, but that if they communicate with a verbal style that sounds for we, spectators, interesting, but not only surprising.

The search for an agricultural environment brings, in itself, other questions: we are not in a space where the anonymous one predominates, but, to the opposite, values it neighborhood, the history of each inhabitant, who knows one to the other, in a relationary environment. The workmanship is entrecortado with sequences of depositions of inhabitants, data from the meeting with cineasta, and of the images that portray this environment agricultural, where is the small farm Arracks, in the hinterland of the Paraba. The high point of the set of documents is the vision for the viewer of a group of people walking and praying in one? road? of land, in way it hinterland, as small procession, where if it mentions previously that each civilization possesss its proper universe, where the certain the wrong one, the valuable one and without value is determined by the values that each being of the one for its life.

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