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Outsourcing Of Procurement Tasks

Evalueserve presents case study at Europe’s biggest shopper Symposium the customer-oriented viewing of the entire value chain to the consumer is fundamental for the success of any business. Especially in times like these, where the uncertainties on the market is increasing and new challenges do companies, new approaches and strategies are required. One way to get the costs under control is the reduction in procurement costs. In addition to the own building of sourcing Center and the cooperation with specialized consultancy is Division of the procurement processes to external service providers to outsource also the possibility / outzusourcen. This is persons who perform clearly defined tasks in the Sourcingbereich not, but by a great team like in other assumed outsourcing areas (HR, IT,..) SLIM teams with a size of 2-10. For example, identification of suppliers etc. This so-called knowledge process offshoring (KPO) offers companies a greater flexibility and a Einsparungspotetntial and sourcing can significantly expand globally the radius of action of a company in the area.

“Felix Vogler, Director Germany/Austria/Eastern Europe by the global research company and provider of Procurementlosungen, Evalueserve, gives a lecture on 12 November together with shell global solutions on the subject beyond IT global sourcing of services: KPO”. With shell we show our joint presentation as knowledge process outsourcing on the cost and performance page can offer significant benefits.”says Felix Vogler. So far KPO mainly by companies in the United States, it’s England and Benelux time that German companies use this lever for productivity gains.” “To the Conference under the theme of challenging markets” November 12, 2008 Europe’s biggest takes place from 10 purchasing and logistics (BME) Symposium in Berlin. As the title suggests, are presented under other new tried and tested means of global procurement, the partnership with suppliers, and supply chain management as well as trends and best Practices discussed intensively. The BME Symposium, considered one of the essential communication and business platforms in the area of procurement and logistics and set a record by 2000 visitors in the last year.

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