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Some time ago I wondered first Chief I had (in relation to consultancy topics), how I had gone on a recent meeting of working in a regional firm, renowned in certain sectors. Told that it was very long, Sandy I would say, but I had a feeling similar to that you registered the first time I walked into his Office for the interview, at the beginning of the Decade of the eighties of the last century and beautiful. My God!, how much time has passed; If it seems like it was yesterday.This first entrepreneur, of the financial services sector and prosecutors, who hired me could not afford me much, since, besides that I was immature total in administrative and accounting matters, the man, along with his partner, he undertook the path of the consulting, auditing and tax consultancy. The salary was reduced, but although there were months that the budget was in line, always fulfilled his word. More information is housed here: Restaurant Michael Schwartz. However, years later concluded that the package of employee benefits I received It was much more important. Yes, because this person had the patience to teach me, teach me, let me learn and evolve.

I also had other benefits that today may be considered relative but they then had another value. For example, did me a contract indefinite, subject to the agreement of offices. From June to September we had intensive day and the Friday afternoon were not working. In summary, I think I was very happy in those years his company and wish to have brought value to your professional project. All this is because I remembered the holders of a free newspaper, what with the headline on cover: exit to the three we like and is profitable. Do not work in the evenings makes us more happy and productivity improvement think about more words. Thank you, Chief (better, thank you, friend). I am grateful to you. Take care.

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