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New To The Pension Rights Adjustment

Pressemelung of febs Consulting GmbH, 17.11.2009 compensatory fund founded in late October 2009 38 German life insurers have established the compensatory fund (VAUSK) under the leadership of the Alliance. The VAUSK is a pension fund in the form of an Association on reciprocity, which is open to all persons, who received a single amount of money within the framework of the supply balance from the FOT of your (ex) spouse. The VAUSK works without acquisition and distribution costs and is not geared towards profit. However only the amounts can be paid, that the pension funds in the framework of the external Division for those entitled to compensation is available. Own, such as ongoing contributions of the person entitled to compensation are not possible.

For employers, the VAUSK has little meaning. It is relevant only for external Division, so in those cases where the Fund meets its obligation by payment of an amount of money to an external product provider. The selection of the product provider is whether the natural person entitled to compensation. Only when pretending that no other target supply or the family court does not accept a supply when the VAUSK is set up as a last resort. Thus, the establishment of the VAUSK for the positioning of the employer as well as the necessary decisions in the supply balance has no meaning. Opinion of the German Association of Actuaries to the pension rights adjustment on 27.10.2009 commented in detail the German actuarial society in an internal paper on actuarial aspects of the supply balance.

The Association essentially confirms the previous approach of febs Consulting GmbH. So, such as sharing costs amounting to 2 to 3% of marriage time as appropriate be viewed, but not detailed position is minimum and Maximalbetragen. Moreover, the paper admits the affected pension funds extensive interpretation and discretion. But as a result, that conceded the bAV product providers design freedom which are not always in the best interests of the clients. Of course there is the opinion formally only a speech”, the but surely great will be of significance in the event of a dispute. Beware of reinsurance in the pension sharing of the experience of febs consulting with the pension rights adjustment has shown that the creation of a Division order covers only a small part of the tasks of the Pension Fund in the supply balance. At least as tricky”proves to be the practical implementation often, especially when the isolator was financed by reinsurance. This is true for back covered pension plans as well as for retroactive covered U funds. Because the Division of insurance is not part of the supply balance. Cancellation losses or losses by new, less accounting principles must be considered so as well at the Division, such as the proper handling of pledged collateral insurance. Your contact febs consulting GmbH Andreas Buttler CEO in the high field 3 85630 Grasbrunn/Munchen Tel. 089 / 890 42 86-10

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