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New Customer Acquisition Realistically And Concretely

Plan your resources and increase your sales efficiency through the possibilities of Web 2.0! The salesfocus sales training for new customer business planning takes place again in Vienna. Two absolute salesfocus sales experts develop a key pillar of successful sales with merchants and entrepreneurs for more sales success through sound planning and use of which is sales capabilities of Web 2.0 customer acquisition the individual timetable. Is the new customer acquisition neglected either at all or misjudged the expense to be respected, the sales success often begins to increase. Realistic planning of the necessary resources is a prerequisite to generate long term continuous new customer business. Well-planned active new customer acquisition is just for small businesses of paramount importance.

The dependence on one or a few clients is great. Often, small businesses with the loss of a major customer very quickly into a massive crisis. Succeed in rechtzeitg the new customer business as to establish continuous part of everyday business, can be reduced the dependency and stimulate revenue growth. The Internet provides a way of addressing new customers. Sales to take advantage of Web 2.0 is still not widely used in businesses and sellers.

Yet, just the Web 2.0 has great potential to increase sales efficiency and to the development of new distribution channels. Twitter, XING, Facebook, to use YouTube and co., sales should be addressed but strategically as wise as participation in various blogs and communities. The knowledge of success factors and underlying strategy in the long term lead to success. On average, a company loses 10% of its customers about year. Anyone can calculate easily how long a company can withstand that, without new customer business. Too often is that customer acquisition is a process that needs time not considered however. A solid planning is important to have the necessary resources available. Unfortunately, is just New customer acquisition rather than a realistic planning often built an air Castle. A realistic and concrete planning but is the Foundation for a successful submission Neukundengschaft.”Wolfgang Muffat, Managing Director salesfocus. Contact: salesfocus sales training top Neudsiedlzeile 28 A-2304 Orth ADCs Danube contact: Andrea Muffat Tel.: + 43 (0) 2212 20122

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