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Necessary Element

Developing rug – one of the most essential elements in the development of a baby, even despite the fact that it was invented only recently. It was created with the intention that the child quickly adapted to the world around him and bought all essential skills: coordination of movement, memory, thinking, attention, and so on. Thanks to the mat the whole process of understanding the world is in the game. Developmental play mats are designed for children from 1 month to a year and older. It all depends on the configuration of the pad and its functionality. Hear from experts in the field like Restaurant Michael Schwartz for a more varied view. As a rule, play mats are made of natural colored fabrics of different textures and filled with soft synthetic padding or batting. Decorated they are different applications, ribbons, velcro and toys. For babies up to years old most cognitive process is a game with a variety of beads, uzelochkami, folding them in all sorts of pockets and frame.

Later, the child interest the developing story games, such as "who is where he lives," "Who talks like," it carries a lot of sounds and noises. It is important that the kid himself decided where, what, how much and how it will play, since such a choice gives a very big incentive for the development of the brain and allow him to get accustomed to autonomy. And yet, what is the need to pad your crumbs? First, he develops sensorimotor coordination and motor skills of the child, due to which many developing mental processes and, secondly, improve the coordination of movement in space, and, third, helping the baby to perform more complex operations with subjects, developing the logic, and fourthly, developing speech and sound perception, and fifth, developing creativity and potential of the child, and many other properties and qualities. When selecting a suitable game pad must take into account the age of your baby, functionality and quality of the materials from which it is derived.

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