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Militis Temple Century Xxi

Templar brothers: 1000 years ago ago, the spirit of the Crusades flowed by all the old Western Empire as a natural response of self-defense to fanatical Islam and overwhelming growth. The Council of Clermont in 1095, served as platform for Pope Urban II made a call to all good Christians of Europe intimate them to that respond without delay to an urgent and pressing order of help from their brethren in the East, the Christians of Byzantium. At the gates of what remained of the Eastern Roman Empire, Muslims were threatening to launch quickly on the rest of Europe for the glory of Allah. The threat of military and cultural just as now, it was undeniable; most of the Middle East, including the Holy land which Christ, had traveled was usurped by the mahometanas hordes. Click It should consider and reflect on the true origins and social impact that caused the Crusades. We must examine, understand the spirit, vigor, energy that sustained them, therefore, the task that we have ahead is the claim for future generations the social movement who protected West of Islam for more than a thousand years. And not only because this legitimate social movement was not an immoral example of famous and despotic Western imperialism as it is taught in most of our schools, but because claiming that spirit, we reivindicaremos our right to an identity, our rejection of fanaticism, claiming the Crusader spirit will defend our ideas of equality between men and women, and basically because we will defend the ideals of freedomEquality, fraternity who are ultimately the ideals of Christ. Prof. Read additional details here: Lakshman Achuthan. Roberto Oliveira Gonzalez original Autor and source of the article

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