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Microsoft Car

And then later, when it was something looming, teachers asked me to participate in the contest. Now my goal – to make it all migrated from paper to VAZ-2101, which dwells in my home in the garage. Sometimes, that devoted his car for a day: analyzed, collected, adapted to all changes, check how the system works. – And how it should work? Igor: – The torpedo embedded motherboard, a very small, the minimum size. I removed the dashboard and put the monitor is also very small, the main thing – to find such a set is not so difficult. All parts of the car connected to the computer, the ceiling in the corner – a special microphone.

This is, in principle, a full computer: the text can be printed on it, and watch movies, plus a special program to compare the voices. It analyzes short phrases, and then passes through the port. Initially, the whole program is reduced to a database user. The user writes the command and the machine performs. – In car can be only one owner? Igor: – Why Also, you can do and some programs. The main thing – to come up with a name. Hearing it, the car will respond, "What do you want?" Either somebody's voice, or it can be synthesized, but it is not so important.

It's the most loyal alarm system – the car only responds to the voice of its owner. – But human intonations are constantly changing … Igor: – The car responds to short phrases, and they look like. In addition, when writing Calibration software is used in comparison with the standard. In general, when all will be connected to the car – let's see, probably still going to experiment with noise, to upgrade. – Which team is able to perform program? Igor: – Starting and stopping the engine, stekloochistka, fixing the rate without pedals – hands free, and all the driver's attention is directed only at the road. – Many of the inventions, as you know, somehow coming up soon several authors, and in the same time but in different countries. Perhaps that was the topic for debate. In general, this is confirmation of the theory, which states that all ideas are in the air, and who will be able to catch the first – the one and done. However, in If a docile car situation is different … Igor: – The idea of determining voice, speech recognition is interesting to all, this topic is now urgent. For example, Microsoft is engaged in this, is developing its management system computer using your voice, which promises to provide by 2010. Yes, many are interested, – says Igor. – When I started working on their diploma, it was not there, but only recently learned that a German concern, not very well known, has already begun to integrate computers into cars. But I still started earlier. A novelty is willing to take? Igor:-It takes time to verify the viability of the idea. But I know nothing does not go unnoticed, and my invention also draw attention to themselves. -Do you think that when voice control will be in all cars? Igor: – Apparently, very soon. In the 70 years of the twentieth century thought that the 90-computer the size of the room will give the calculation on pieces of paper. Maybe in a few years cars have to be fly, who knows …

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