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Mexican Mouse

But the Poles believe that flying becomes a mouse, the cat escaped the clutches of over seven years. Ukrainians see the bats – another trait Poles – an evil spirit, the soul of the sleeping witches, Belarusians – the soul of the deceased sorcerer. Fairstead is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The new cave in Texas holds 15 million (!) Mexican mice. When they fly at dusk in search of food – it seems the fire started – like cubes smoke knocked out of the pipe.

The most ominous place occupied by the mouse in Mexico – the evil genius of cunning and deceit Hick. It gives people the instability of mind and a bad character and subjugates his will and better so as not to meet, lure and bite. It’s all a legend, but in this small teeth in mice and even human skin, they will not bite. Mike Wirth does not necessarily agree. Conducted an experiment in darkness threw a lot of different small things and only one worm …. Mouse, accurately on the fly-catching is that it needs for sustenance.

International Bat Night – one of the most unusual events, because many people have a superstitious fear of myshami.21 volatile day held in September to protect these unique and useful animals, and not coincidentally is the autumnal equinox, the time when autumn comes into its own. Bats at the time to migrate to wintering places and hibernate. There are laws, international, prohibiting sale of meat bats. But the thriving illegal business, when the animals were sacrificed and transported to Europe. Traditional dish with meat bats a meal in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Seychelles. In real life, from mice that fly, there is a very big favor. One animal catches per hour to 1 gram of insects. If you count how many kills the mouse blood-suckers midges, mosquitoes, aphids and other insects, we find that good mouse weighing only 7 grams, for all his life destroys more than half a ton of insects. And what the mouse makes a valuable fertilizer. Even organized in many nature reserves, especially after the cabin, producing litter – guano as a perfect nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. We have carefully laid the stones and fallen trees large cave entrance, which – to no one else bothered cabin small pups in their warm and safe winter. Coming out of the cave into the bright sunlight, squinting and straightening his arms like wings, my young cavers, screaming into the distance wide steppe, native forests and shining sky: People who take care of bats! They need to sleep and gain strength. Back in the warm car, the tired children had a lot of questions, which they surely will demand of cognitive responses. But one thing we knew all along that it is not in vain in our area of the cave Barsukova take care and cherish, as a natural monument and has long been banned to blasting for mining of gravel and restrict visiting cavers caves in winter, when the volatile “Dutch” is not recommended to be disturbed. In our minds, there is still a feeling of affection for this small and defenseless mouse, and joy that is in our region is a marvelous place for a fairy tale, “Barsukovsky cave!”.

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