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Meditating Requires Practice

The key to learn to meditate is the assiduous practice. If you can not meditate every day, it suggests at least two days a week. Meditation is a source of mental calm, clarity and harmony. It also says that meditation is the way in which the new states of consciousness or developmental stages are open to sincere seekers of Truth Eternal, is where energy centers awaken like lotus petals or a rose.

There are mystical schools where they teach meditation without any “secrets”, it only takes Delivery, Knowledge of the existence of worlds largest developments, there is nothing mysterious, just four principles: No Analysis: Some schools teach that Meditation is not thought, but it is not necessary to eliminate and even thought is a waste of time trying to eliminate the thought as this is inherent in the cerebral and the physical body. It sounds like ocean waves, changes in interest venture into the sea, the sea has higher water content inside than on the shore, if we care to remove the waves to penetrate into the ocean, probably one day we will get , but we lost so long that we know much of the sea. No analysis, means that no thoughts should concern us, if a thought of something we did during the day we should not wonder why we did otherwise, if a red thought we should not investigate because it is not blue, just the thoughts are there because they are part of a natural or human brain functioning, we must analyze them, what interests us is go far beyond the physical mind, beyond the physical analysis, to enter the world of Wisdom, no matter the simple rough waves of thought. .

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