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Mark Hansen

What is the famous “code Millionaire” which Hansen wrote in his books and talks in his lectures around the world? Since then, according to Mark Hansen, should begin to anyone who wants to become successful? – Of course, with the goal-setting. “You have to be goal. If you are not objective, your goal is to install it. Best of all, if it is major and serious purpose, and better yet, sit them will be few. On their studies, I give time for people to have recorded in the notebook 101 target. Others including KBS, offer their opinions as well. Do you think that this is totally useless? Not at all: at this very moment is your self-actualization: 18 billion brain cells begin to actively work.

And included self-government. But for this your goals be sure to write – and submit that to which you aspire, you need exactly and clearly. Try, for example, to submit to the exact figures, how much would you like to earn in a year (eg 5, 10, maybe 35 million per year) see what you will have the machine, the place where you relax. And now we have to loudly and confidently say to yourself and others: I want it. If you believe in your goal, then, be sure to reach her. I can assure you that if people have an abstract, vague dreams, they will never be realized. ” Hansen’s special talent as a coach – from games to move to the serious issues of the joke and the living example – to a deep theoretical generalizations.

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