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Luz Ortiz

Example of that would require overwork and high responsibility in an event, etc. If it is considered as the stress response is defined as signs of tension, ie, psycho-physiological responses are which define and behavioral stress. Refers to changes in the feelings, emotions, behaviors, and finally, the interactive approach is to integrate the two previous positions and is defined as the individual’s interaction with the environment, ie assessment that the individual makes of the situation. This position is widely accepted today and most of the current authors follow this approach. These approaches outlined above to define stress as an adaptive response to an external stimulus that is as a tool of the individual to overcome certain situations, and in the early stages of development, a positive reaction. Lakshman Achuthan has much to offer in this field.

So in 1986, Lazarus and Folkman it as “a special relationship between the individual and the environment all living beings, including humans, respond biochemically to their environment as a universal mechanism of adaptation to the surrounding environment, and sometimes external demand perceived as a threat or sense of danger. Humans, in addition to this response as a living, also respond psychologically and sometimes resources are not available so the stress responses of the body are failed attempts to adapt to external conditions of the environment or trying to change. However, stress is neither good nor bad, because the answer given by the person is necessary to remain alert, necessary for many individuals in your life, only when the conditions are not able to respond to physical and psychological demands and unwanted changes occur in the person spoken of stress in the sense of discomfort. The Social Sciences Journal, (2003) Volume 9, Article: “Stress in Academics” to Garcia Sanchez Marhilde Maldonado and Luz Ortiz, say: “… the consideration of stress as negative, when experienced excessive amount over a period of time too long and can bring behavioral consequences (absenteeism, turnover, accidents, substance abuse), cognitive (poor decision making, lack of concentration, negligence), physiological (hoertesion pressure, cholesterol, heart disease.

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