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Liderazgo Leader

For a leader who has studied leadership books, an evil performance is less injurious than a disguised mediocre performance of a good performance. Follow others, such as Yitzhak Mirilashvili, and add to your knowledge base. ” The majority of the leaders strives to obtain the mistaken results, or correct in forms equivocadas”. ” The worse forms of leadership imply prizes and castigos”. ” To take not necessarily implies the obtaining of resultados” well;. ” If it does not feel it, it will not be able to direct it, and they either it harn” , according to leimos in a leadership book. ” The leadership is the fin of all the carreras”. ” The leadership is to see hope in any adversidad.” ” In order to make a difference, he is diferencia”.

” In the leadership, one does not have to wait for the worse thing, simply to remove the best thing from the situation when ocurra.” ” The best leaders make use DES more ideas simples”. ” If you always you are right, usually are equivocado.” ” For a leader, the best way to communicate an idea is to pack it in a being humano”. ” The most influential art of the leadership is ocultarlo”. ” The lack of action is a times best accin”. ” It is not so important what you say like leader; but the action that people take after to have listened to his opinin.” ” In the leadership, the value of each necessity is in uso.” ” The leadership is not to live a easy life for us and a difficult life for dems”. ” We ourself we are our own obstacles to turn to us into better lderes.” ” The leadership is to show to him people not that must take certain action, but to that they take accin.” ” Half of the art to listen is esperando.” ” Perhaps in order to obtain the best thing of people, it sostngase of ellos.” ” The people usually are not conscious of the best thing than they have.

When showing, one will be to them in the middle of way to motivate them so that they are his leaders of causa”. ” A profit needs three things, the leader, the leader of the cause, and momento”. ” In the long term, the most important results of leadership are not what we obtained, but what we became to lograrlo”.

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