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Knowledge Helps Heal

New Internet portal offers interested parties is an issue nobody likes to talk about that, but more and more people are affected by the valuable information around the topic of bladder weakness bladder weakness. According to current estimates, currently about 5 million people suffer incontinence in the Federal Republic. But unofficial estimates run far higher, since many people often repress their problem and postpone the necessary doctor’s visit. Nobody knows how many people who suffer from bladder weakness and loss of urine, withdraw for fear of embarrassing situations increasingly in social life. “” Increasing the number of people in the age beyond the 50, where a weak bubble “or a weak gut” make life difficult.

From this age, also affected men are increasing significantly and is equal with the number of affected women. In both sexes, now predominant symptoms of urge incontinence. Even though the causes in both men and women are different, urge incontinence leads often to serious Limitations of the quality of life. Often, the problems begin with nocturnal urination. Not once during the day has been the loss of urine or stool, comes the lives of those affected in great distress. Already, the loss of control by the sudden urge very scratch to own self image.

“” Also has a social taboo, despite a growing awareness by the media and often leads to the self-imposed isolation of the persons concerned: just rarely go among the people “and be unpleasant accidents” back to avoid any price in their own four walls. Internet portals and affected forums offer a growing number of older people a realistic way out of their dilemma. The anonymity of the Internet opens the door to them. Who starts his problem to speak or write, which takes the first step to deal with. The suggestions from the Internet help the parties concerned to realize where they are and what measures appropriate to their problems can be. Exactly these objectives pursued the new Internet portal under the motto knowledge helps heal”. motivated the Incosan Portal people especially at onset incontinence and older people to inform themselves extensively. In addition, this see index.php/forum a forum area, where they can interact with other users of the portal. While other portals on the Internet and the self help groups of people unite, which have already received the medical diagnosis incontinence, addresses specifically those people of mail order provider Incosan International GmbH with its independent platform, are at the topic of incontinence at the beginning.

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