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Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic

Each of us is a consumer. But we do not always require a check for making a purchase. The result is growing shadow economy, the treasury becomes empty, and because of that we all suffer. Action ‘requires a check-win a prize’ is designed to fight such yavleniem.Rezultaty shares on the face. Thus, in the 10 months forecast for 2010 state budget was fulfilled by 105%, while the plan 4 4036.2 million tenge to the budget submitted 46566yu6 million tenge. The rate of growth compared with the same period in 2009 was 136% uvechenie was 12 589.1 million tenge. with deductions from the subjects of small business for the 9 months of this year grew by 21% or 996.1 million tenge.neskolko days ago held a raffle shares orginzovany affiliated associations yuredicheskih individuals ‘nitsionalnaya Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan Atameken Union’ tax department in the area at Akmola poderzhkoy ANP NDP “Nur otan’upravleniem priedprinimatelstva and Industry, Akimat kokshetau, OO ‘consumer protection’ tax upravleniem.Uchastniki learned information through newspapers ‘beloved city’ ‘Risk Business’ magazine and VIP koshetau.

Each week, these print media are kept informed of all those who nedavalsya vyygart tseny prize. Surprisingly, the event was attended by a surprising number of kokshetautsev in 8145 lototron fit coupons! unheard-of number for a small town, ie we can say that the event aroused great interest among consumers. Kazakhstan portal Kokshetau located in the north Kokshetausky Hills on the shores of Lake Kop. Around town, a lot of hills. In The territory of the city administration (area 400 km ) in addition to proper Kokshetau includes one of the village administration (the village Station) and Krasnoyarsk rural district, which consists of two rural settlements founded in 1824 as a military fortification Kokchetav. It was initially village, since 1868 – a district center.

March 16, 1944 decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic was created Kokchetav region and became the Kokchetav regional center. October 7, 1993 Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kokchetav city was renamed in Kokshetau. In the spring of 1997 Kokshetau region was abolished and ceased to be Kokshetau regional center. April 8, 1999 after changing the administrative structure of Akmola and North Kazakhstan oblasts Kokshetau became the regional center within the boundaries of the modified Akmola region.

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