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109, Acis (Colombian Association of systems engineers). In one of his articles entitled adoption of a written CRM solution by Jorge Humberto Arias, mentions the following in this regard: .the company interested based on the required level of customization (gaps), required physical architecture and financial capacity, you can identify the type of CRM solution that suits you: On-demand (SaS) or On-premise. If the level of customization is minimal selected CRM solution is aligned to map business needs to a level 4 or 5 (very horizontal CRM solution) business processes, the company has no problems in using the CRM platform remotely, and do not want to incur costs of licenses and annual maintenance, platform administration, investment in physical infrastructure, among other costs; possibly, the best approach for this company is to adopt a CRM solution based on subscription to a service (On-demand), which pays for the use of the same (such that as we do today in our homes around energy commodity prices, water, phone, gas, among others). In counterpart, if the organization needs a CRM solution very upright with high levels of customization (gaps); (((due to misalignment of the business processes of the company with the ones implemented by the CRM platform, the best approach is the traditional (On-premise), which is based on: a) buy licenses, b) pay annual maintenance, c) buy, configure, and manage the physical infrastructure required to operate and support the solution, among other costs; and responsibilities of this model of CRM. The approach set out in this article is based on the analysis of business processes and how to implement a CRM initiative, developing a serious and professional exercise of understanding of the gaps between the model of current operation of the organization in marketing, sales and service to the client and the model ideal or desired processes. In this scenario the technology plays a very important role and therefore the need to evaluate that you model software is best suited. Sage is a company dedicated to the development and implementation of information systems and has a division of CRM software, counting within its portfolio of solutions with products such as ACT, SalesLogix, SageCRM, and This portfolio is comprised of CRM solutions that operate under both models, for some On Demand and On Premise for others. Sage has developed a document which makes a comparative analysis between the two models and I think that it is useful, since it is not biased to any of them, simply present the factors to take into account. To obtain the document click here.

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