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In this article, we will briefly refer to the importance of having a list of emails from people who could become a not-too-distant future in our clients. It could be said that a person who is in our list of mailing lists, already is, a potential customer. It is necessary to know already, the importance of the follow-up that require these lists, once we have built them. It is generally accepted that our business is represented, almost, by the size and quality of the list of subscribers that we have in our database. This will be determined when it comes to promote any of the products we are offering. No matter whatever the product or service that is selling, have a good list of subscribers is vital since this gives you the ability to sell over and over again, promoting the success of your business. However, despite the importance of having a large list of prospects, actually the size is not the most important. It is, the quality of its subscribers what It matters most to the success of our business.

And this importance lies in the qualification of prospects. Little could be interested, attract a business sales of meat, vegetarians, by good and fine that they are. Is that what is called qualified prospects; people with a high probability of purchasing our products or services. These lists are converted into what different entrepreneurs of the internet call responsive lists. But, make sure how a responsive list of subscribers? The answer is in the follow-up to be given, on a regular basis. This means something more than a relationship or commercial follow-up, means to create and foster a relationship of friendship and trust, creating a family atmosphere in which feel that they can rely on us as entrepreneurs, to meet their needs for our prospects. And what follow-up, with respect to a list of subscribers? The answer to this question can be described in a few words: the track consists of having a regular contact with our subscribers, once they have joined our list. Subscribing to our list, these subscribers through actions such as subscribe make it free to a newsletter on topics of interest, by filling out a form located on our website; subscribing free to receive samples of products or gifts that we offer, such as reports, e-books, videos, tutorials, etc.

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