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Interview Tips

Here less room to maneuver. Simple terms it is difficult to escape and to questions asked during the interview, you need to prepare thoroughly. The most difficult option, which I got, was frank in testing qualifications. In addition to questions, what did you do and what they did, there were questions as a tool to be applied in such a case? And what would you do then? What would you have chosen then that? This option is most difficult. Since here together qualification checks, stress and interpersonal skills.

After all, you can specify a task that in HEREUNDER has no solution, and see how you come out of this situation. The good news is that the percentage of such 'advanced' heads is quite small and most of the talking in the old way. In this case, your assurance that you are the person who needs your potential employer can play a fairly important role, despite some gaps in knowledge. The issue of payment is known that the problem of the employer to acquire employees with the maximum experience for less money, but you as the applicant to sell his experience for a lot. Therefore, even before the interview to decide that the amount for which you are willing to work with. The labor market can be found about the same job for very different money. If you recall the state-owned enterprises, there You can get a completely ridiculous money.

So decide how much you stand quietly insisted. Usually invited for an interview, knowing a certain bar on which the employee agrees. Budget can not be – It raises doubts about the qualifications, but also counting on the price. The easiest option – see the existing vacancies and to assess how much of your qualifications will be requested. But be flexible, perhaps in trade for prospective job will be to throw off U.S. 50 a month, but receive other benefits, such as dinners at the expense of the company. It depends on how you will talk. If knowledge is clearly less than that required in the firm, it may have hint that this amount in your resume salary is not final and may be discussed. In conclusion we can say that discussed a list of questions to be solved before they go to the interview yet far from complete. Write me about your successes and failures in the interviews and together we will complement and expand the list. Source:

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