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International Whaling Commission

For example, today there remains only 2.2 thousand blue whales whereas two centuries ago, there were a hundred times more. However, if not sad, but it is on our planet and those countries which still lead an active whaling. Norway and Iceland are fishing slaughtering whales. Whaling also allowed for the indigenous peoples of Russia, Greenland and Alaska. Japanese whalers have killed each year to one and a half thousand individuals in the 'scientific purposes'. In the 60th Assembly of the International Whaling Commission (International Whaling Commission – IWC), which was held on Last week in the Chilean capital Santiago, has threatened to resume Japan commercial whaling after a 20-year hiatus, defying the environmentalists and those countries who advocate the complete abolition of whaling. Now, many observers fear that the work of the International Commission will be in jeopardy if the organization fails to remain authoritative platform to solve the problems of whaling. On IWC meeting, representatives of the Japanese fishing industry, issued a statement which implies that in the near future, Japan to resume commercial whaling in their territorial waters.

The Japanese emphasize that hunting whales is their "inalienable cultural tradition." Narwhal is recognized by scientists the most endangered species Researchers from Canada, Greenland, Norway and the United States, having a new study concluded that climate change strongest in the world threaten Arctic animals – narwhals. For narwhal in the list of animals that are stronger than others at risk, followed by bowhead whale and walrus. Narwhal or unicorn – the only representative of its kind. The area of its distribution – the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic seas. Most often encountered narwhals off the Canadian Archipelago, Greenland, Spitsbergen, north and north-east of Franz Josef Land. Analysis data forces scientists to fear that the narwhal as a result of global warming will be one of the first endangered species, despite the fact that the size of their populations more than the same polar bears. Polar bears are capable of adapt to some changes in climate, narwhals and can not survive if some necessary things for their life away.

Melting ice is not only a change in their habitat, but also increases the risk of attacks on them predators. According to the 'Greenpeace' Sonia – the most eco-friendly electronics manufacturer Sony has become the most environmentally friendly manufacturer of electronics in the electronics industry rankings compiled by 'Greenpeace'. In second place – SonyEricsson. Third place in the ranking of 'green' electronics industry is a Finnish Nokia. Rise above the company was unable to because of problems with reception on mobile phones recycling in India. The leader of the last ranking, the Japanese Toshiba, this time is sixth row, behind Samsung and Dell. These manufacturers 'Greenpeace' said the high cost of electricity for production. The company received the title of the Nintendo neekologichnoy because of what has refused to provide 'Greenpeace' data on the costs of electricity in the production, the volume of waste and recycling, as well as its environmental programs. The current rating for the first time drawn up by the new method. Apart from the lack of production harmful chemical elements, energy production, the availability of recycling programs, and take into account such factors as the company's participation in a program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of renewable energy sources. The yield of fish on the land set evolution to a standstill in recent studies of unique fossils found that about 370 years ago

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