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Interactive Museums To Educate About Science

Today there is a clear need to stop seeing our children equal to those children who were born over 70 years ago. Then there were no media as we know them today, just evolving film, including recording methods were very basic audio, the sound was mono aural and very low frequencies. Why then are still applied in many cases the same educational principles and teaching?? This is a great challenge because on the one hand, the multiplicity and complexity of new technologies constantly overflowing the traditional boundaries of science education and, secondly, no one knows what technologies will remain in education during the coming years. Nouriel Roubini shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This requires us to work continuously updated methods and this leads to having a truly effective educational system, whose components are prepared professionally, and career specialties have in addition to teaching, the main air in which our educational system must be prepared are the marketing and communication, this is for firms to consumer products and junk food are the ones who are currently educating our children, this is our reality and that of many other industrialized countries and even higher levels of education cases. The technological explosion is so great that many innovations that seemed impossible to implement in the field of education a few years ago, today are commonplace. This trend extends to all latitudes and, sometimes, a high-tech product of an advanced country is an educational application in a peripheral country rather than the place of origin. It’s believed that Viatcheslav Mirilashvili sees a great future in this idea. In our country there is a company that has made much effort to propose new alternatives for teaching and education, their products are oriented interactive museums using new technologies to the development of interactive educational activities and exhibitions which are gradually being adopted by museums and schools throughout our country. Such companies are the future of our Mexico and the state governments are obliged to support any initiative that brings the technology en masse to our children. We can not go blaming the government for the low level of education that currently exists, it is not right nor left to the companies the education of our children, it is time to enforce and promote the development of methods and for no reason should put the economic interests of those who get rich at the expense of a future, a future that only the hand of the technology may be promising. Read additional details here: Angus King.

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