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In recent years, each time more agriculture and the cattle one are intensified, what it makes possible significant improvement of the productivity increase. On the other hand the outlay of vultosas amounts for the enterprise becomes necessary. It still has, a trend of reduction of prices of the farming products associate to the rise of the costs of resultant production of the increase of the incubencies of banking financings, reduction of the volumes of official financings, rise of the tax burden and the social changes, and rise of the prices of the basic insumos. Ahead of this situation, it has the adoption necessity, on the part of the farming enterprises, of administrative models that search the reduction of the production costs and the increase of the invoicing through the adjusted insertion of the enterprise in productive chain e, for the correct definition of the product, the process of production, of the techniques of management and draining of production.

In this direction, the agricultural administration if became an alternative inside to identify the main gargalos of the productive systems, raising information that can generate interventions in order to increase its efficiency. However, she observes yourself that still today good part of the agricultural producers adopts conditional decisions only to its experience, to the tradition, potential of the region to the availability of financial resources and man power. When the yield is low, the producer perceives, but it has difficulty in quantifying and identifying the points of strangulation of the productive process. From there the importance of a good management of costs that assists the producer in the taking of strategical decisions in its enterprise. The country properties that do not have control of its costs and budgets present certain risks amongst them: unfamiliarity of the result of the business, increase or reduction of the explored activities, investments unnecessary, easiness to become indebted and loss of profits gotten for productivity.

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