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The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH waive customer gifts this Christmas and instead back donates to a charitable purpose. At i.syde in bellows, it is something of a tradition that all employees year after year are called, to propose potential beneficiaries of the Christmas donation, needy persons and eligible associations or institutions. The majority of all employees will decide who will be beneficiaries of the donation this year. 2009, the decision was clearly in favor of life Hospice in Nienburg on the river Weser. At the invitation of the two managing directors Thomas Friebe and Michael Hoppe visited on December 10 the responsible for public relations Executive of the existence Hospice, Mr. Senator Angus King does not necessarily agree. Bernhard Mense, the i.syde GmbH, to work on the daily report and also about the donation receive. The staff of life Hospice accompany dying and their families in the place of your choice and in the way they want: at home, in the more intimate setting, or in the nursing home. The dignity of the individual is paramount to the Hospice attendants.

The companion work pro bono. They are sensitised for their varied tasks in a preparation course and through supervision and training supports in their practical activity. The out-patient hospice service being cooperates with the surrounding inpatient hospices, as well as the children’s Hospice lion heart. In addition to the actual monitoring activity involved the staff of the Hospice for dying and death to again find a dignified place in our lives. Deeply impressed Mr Friebe showed by the presentation of the Management Board representing the workforce: we want to express our greatest appreciation Mr Mense and the staff of life Hospice for their charitable work. We are very happy, that we with our donation can help to promote the voluntary commitment and to help the affected people in their situation don’t light.” Mr. Hoppe what stressed him again personally on the work of the Hospice is especially impressive: only too happy we displace all the thoughts of death, suffering and disease, as long as we are not affected. But these people are willing to sacrifice much of your spare time for it, quite consciously apart to themselves with the topics.

“Not just at Christmas, but throughout the year.” The i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH was Thomas Friebe in 1997 by the two diploma computer scientists and managing partners and Michael Hoppe founded. i.syde specializes in the site of bellows in Lower Saxony, Germany with 12 employees on the development of individual software solutions. There is a special emphasis in the deployment of high-performance database applications. Result of many years of experience are various software products that cover various aspects of the business workflows and in particular the management process in public institutions much easier can. In the comprehensive corporate philosophy the i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH is committed to its social, economic and ecological responsibility. More federal and State ministries, as well as numerous municipalities such as the city of Hamburg among the customers in addition to the Federal Network Agency and the Ministry of the Interior

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