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How To Get Money From The Internet

As getting money from internet:este post is a summary in Spanish of a very interesting podcast from Steve Pavlina. He is how make money fast (and live it) without having a job. First you must define a job. Having a job can be considered as having a position where you charge an amount of money for each day that you do to bring value to a company, either yourself or someone else. How earn money fast in Internet Andre Bogan, a Spanish entrepreneur, has a few steps very good to make money fast without having to work (is in English).

The steps to follow to make money fast are basically the following: * follow your passion in the first place to earn money fast, develops your skills and get an expert (or understood) in a field that interests you. You can to take you years developing this skill. You must become specialist in algo.* second dedicate yourself to create what he calls streams of income or revenue streams. Income flows are a set of systems and autonomous processes that they generate revenue for the services provided. The hard work is to determine which processes and systems can create with the skill that you have (see point 1) and implement them.

The trick on how to make money fast is that if you do well, these revenue streams are completely autonomous, and while you get paid thanks to them (even when you’re sleeping), you can dedicate yourself to other things: to not remunerated activities, to create other revenue streams to whatever you want! Steve says he has had various jobs. He has been employed by a company, it has been a business owner (then, has been employed by himself) and has finally come to elaborate these revenue streams that allow you to maintain his family with only an hour of work a week. The question is how spend point (traditional worker) to point B (create these processes that make money for you): 3 basis points on how to make money fast 1. Let the obsession to try to get your standard of living based on your employment success. Set an acceptable level of income and concentrate on reducing the time you need to get these basicos.2 income. While progressively reduces the time you devote to your normal work, you spend the remaining time to develop (think, implement, test) revenue streams based on your personal satisfaction. It takes advantage of your abilities!The failure is normal. But as your basic income does not depend on your success, you can try other cosas.3. If you can develop a revenue stream that will provide $10 USD a month, surely that will be able to develop it provide you $20 USD per month. And then you can increase it to $50 USD! Importantly for make money fast resides in the idea that the effort that can lead to make this change, or at least try, is offset by the potential benefits: not to be slave to a work, dedicate yourself to what really interests you and be the envy of the world. Have you ever wondered why there are people who it rains money? That virtually any new thing to undertake generates them money quickly although it seems they don’t much? Watch this video and I assure you that it will help you to have a different perspective about money and your financial situation!

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