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Hotels Of The World

Everyone loves to travel to different cities and countries, to visit new places, to discover both innocent given, poznovat world and all its beauty. To rest was a cozy, comfortable and carefree, you must zablogovremenno decide at which place you want to spend your next vacation. Hotel Booking Worldwide, you will fully enjoy the present quality vacation, which will remain in your memory even for a very long time. Ode of the most attractive tourist country is Austria. All hotels in Austria offer an excellent service as well as tools for active sports.

The country occupies a leading position on how many hotels, however, book rooms in advance is better, as lived relax in this fabulous country, a great many. If you are going to rest in Austria, you will need to stock up enough cash, as many hotels do not accept credit cards. All hotels in Austria have their level of service that depends on the category and each category in turn meets certain requirements. 5 * hotels should have a reception (served around the clock) Exclusive several rooms, as well as a hall for lunch. All rooms are soundproofed, furniture and equipment meet the highest standard. At least 10% of the rooms have to be apartments. Service and room is available 24 hours a day.

Just provided porter service. Per room facilities have one person staff. The 4 * hotel reception service operates only during the day, furniture is cheaper in Sem Hotel 5 *. In the room there are telephone, television and radio. Two rooms have one person staff, and the food offered 16 hours a day. The 3 * hotel, only half of rooms have toilet and shower. Predostovlyayutsya food and drinks, and in some hotel for breakfast only. 1 service personnel accounted for 6 rooms. Hotels 2 * predostovlyayut only basic service, and bathroom of the hotel is designed for 15 beds. No less attractive destination for recreation is Italy. By Total hotels in Italy is one of the leading places in the world, but the cost of hotel rooms is much higher. Italian mentality determines the level of hotel services in the state. If the general level of service worth only praise, the individual moments of his cause misunderstanding. On site in Italy rarely can be found swimming, because Italians consider it a sign of bad taste. Therefore, even if you and meet in the hotel pool, Be prepared that he is working on schedule and under strict control by the hotel. Another feature of hotels in Italy is that in Italy is not taken to bathe in a tub, so the main part of the hotel is equipped with shower. If you find this principle, when booking a hotel should be clarified that the room was a bath. Surrounding area hotels in Italy has its limitations because of high land prices, so there is often opening the door Hotel reservations can be okazatsyai on the sidewalk street. The situation is similar to the beach. Even if the hotel is a beach, then the money can go to let any outsider. Choose a good hotel in Italy is very difficult, as level star hotel every guest is determined by eye, but in reality everything is different in one way or another. 4 * and 5 * hotels in Italy considerably low, so low numbers are significantly higher. Travel in Italy made the whole family, so virtually all hotels in Italy offering special terms for families with children.

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