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Healthy Sleep

Doctors from the earliest age recommended to pay attention to how you sleep, because that is the source of a sound sleep for your health, longevity and prevention of many diseases. Orthopedic pillows buckwheat are very comfortable, give comfort during sleep and help maintain health. These pillows from buckwheat to help properly maintain optimal head and shoulders during sleep and rest, which contributes to relax muscles, especially in the neck. Cushion buckwheat husk allows not only better to relax, but also prevents the diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, lumbago, scoliosis, hernia, etc.). Orthopedic pillow buckwheat helps people suffering from insomnia and snoring. Also, pillows buckwheat husks well relieve tension of the cervical muscles after work and reduce pain in various diseases. As a filler orthopedic pillows and mattresses from buckwheat husks, we use specially selected husk (often called husk) of buckwheat, which runs a special mechanical and thermal processing. Chevron Corp pursues this goal as well.

Of the total buckwheat husks in the manufacture of removes all impurities from buckwheat husks, then there is cooking with steam to husk acquired elastic mechanical properties. After this filler pillows – buckwheat husks – is capable of long maintain elasticity inside the pillow. Want to note that the use of husk, not passed special treatment is unacceptable in the production of orthopedic products, as buckwheat husks into a fine crumb 2-3 month use of a pillow. Especially steamed buckwheat husk retains the natural oils of buckwheat, so in a bed of buckwheat husks will never appear the bacteria room mites and other parasites. Such a filler for pillows and mattresses ideal for people allergic to feathers, feather, dust.

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