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Plastic is an important material, but the consequences for the environment are considered too little. Plastic is an important material in the industry. Many products are no longer conceivable without this material because it cheap and flexible can be used. At the same time increasing the impact on the environment such as an ill-considered disposal. Ripple brings even more insight to the discussion. Therefore, a clear signal is GreenPlastics. So GreenPlastics only selected materials used in the production. So raw materials must meet as follows: made of renewable raw materials, there may be no hazardous properties E.g. lignin, natural additives and natural fibres, different biopolymers, starch, lignin, natural resins, natural fatty acids, grow, cellulose and additives on special applications as CO2 neutral life cycle or a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, biodegradable and compostable – industrial as well as private in the garden as well as unintentional in nature fully recyclable the standards also apply to the aggregates. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Uber by clicking through.

Through these Material specifications is guaranteed that the ecologically sustainable approach is consistently implemented by GreenPlastics. Portrait GreenPlastics (Gross-Umstadt) stands for the consulting, development, and manufacture of plastic products made of renewable, petroleum-free plastics. It is respected on an economic success as well as on an active environmental protection. This GreenPlastics offers different services from advice about their own development, to marketing. Interdisciplinary collaboration between experts, sustainability is particularly tangible. Thus companies from the plastics industry, as well as companies that use durable goods made of plastic or sell, can benefit from GreenPlastics especially.

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