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Great Shark Football

I was looking at a press cutting that casually fell into my hands, where there was a startling image, where you could see the enormous head of a huge great white shark by opening its huge mouth and showing an endless row of pointed and sharp teeth of triangular shape that tried to catch, rather I would say destroy, a poor, defenseless and caught seal of only nine months, that terrorized and at the same time surprised by the great monster that emerged from the depths of the deep sea, trying at all costs to get rid of almost certain death. What appeared before his eyes was a breathtaking, ruthless and murderous beast marina that was presented before her with the sole and exclusive dietary intention of devouring it. The shocking image was engraved on my retina and bridging distances and the protagonists, I gave rein to the imagination and I established a comparison relating apparently with football, and more specifically, with the coaches and results, the bad guys, that shaped of killer shark in the case that concerns us, devour without mercy in the majority of occasions defenseless seal which in this small story compared with the figure of the coach, especially to which leads a team that lost repeatedly or that doesn’t earn all what is expected according to the forecasts of those who sent, that incidentallythey are those who know less about sport that concerns us. The huge, powerful and fearsome shark represents in this case to football power, opens his endless jaw to finish with the poor and helpless victim (the technician on duty), using that saw sharp shaped teeth (executives, media and fans), which will crush the chosen prey, which usually has just devoured and doesn’t have as much luck as the photo image that inspires this story and that was taken on the shores of False Bay in South Africa, and more specifically in Cape Town (Septiembre.2010). When the beast opens his mouth, the feast begins and rarely great white shark runs out of her tasty snack, i.e., that if the We moved the football, when the team doesn’t win, the coach becomes (for other beasts perhaps?) in a delicious treat in a delicate delicacy, in an attractive delicatessen thing to swallow at all costs. However, the shark will not have almost time to NAP, not even be allowed the luxury of a light NAP, since the next aperitif is on its way in the form of coach, another team that has forgotten win.

How a small seal can do against an enormous shark that can reach seven meters and weighing more than three tons? Paco Arias. Higher sports technician. National football coach. Football Trainer training on-line. Man devoured by a lion Safari Infoera.CL less political training than a shark brotherhood Witzky sports boxes: El Real Madrid cannot afford the luxury of a baby shark attack

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